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We believe that all pets deserve a second chance at a new life. It’s not about being perfect, it’s about being perfect for one another.

Are you looking for a new companion?

Our available pets list is updated daily. Please read our adoption policies as well as each pet’s profile before applying.

Sausage needs a home with another dog if possible and with a yard. Hes very active and needs to run off her energy. He’s carte trained for bedtime only.

We took in Bunny from a neighbor who was moving away. She needs a home with no other pets and no children, preferably a single person.

Athletic and sporty but polite. Obedient yet full of rascal energy when she wants to make you laugh. Can you feel her yet? Yes, she’s truly awesome.

We think that he is under a year old, has been spayed, and is very sweet and mellow. He may be shy at first but will warm up to you with treats and pets.

I’m a very sweet girl looking for the right home! I’m still learning rules and things about being in a home! But I’m slowly learning so much!

My only request is that you give me lots of pets, let me hang out with you on the couch, and maybe tell me how handsome I am every once in awhile.


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We need your help to save Crispy as she needs an expencive surgery.
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Frightened and hiding under a New York bus, the kitten barely got out of the dangerous situation he found himself in. Luckily, our animal rescue partner Manhattan Animal Care found the tiny five week old kitten. Center, who contacted us because they knew we would give the kitten the help it needed.

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