Meet Bunny

Bruce is a very nice boy who weighs in at 102.4lbs, having lost a dozen pounds so far since living with his wonderful foster family. He originally came to DunRoamin’ with his five siblings in August 2014 as a rescue from the SPCA and was adopted, but was returned in September 2022 when his family was unable to keep him.Bruce was born about July 31, 2014. He is completely up to date on all vaccines and although he had long nails and a bit of a skin condition upon his arrival, he is 100% perfectly healthy now!Bruce lived his first eight years in a home with two people who absolutely adored him.

His exposure to people and other animals during that time was limited, so Bruce has been getting used to a busier lifestyle over the past month. He will do best in a home with experienced dog owners and children ten years of age or older (he can be a bit of a bull in a china shop). He can be also selective about other dogs, but has been great with cats.Bruce likes cheese, belly rubs, short walks, cats, some dogs, and laying near his humans. His dislikes include having his collar grabbed, some dogs and car rides.Bruce is looking forward to a long and pleasant retirement in a quiet home with a family who will love him, be patient and willing to work with him.

He is a very sweet boy who will blend in well once he gets settled.If you would like to know more about adopting Bruce, please submit a pre-adopt application and our dog adoption coordinator will be in touch.

Additional Information

Are you looking for a fun-loving large dog who can’t get enough of his human? Then look no further because Bruce is here!
  • Loves everyone he meets and would probably do best in a home with teens and up.
  • Bruce is reported to enjoy the company of other dogs.
  • It is unknown how Bruce would do with cats.
  • A Matchmaker can give you tips to help set up Bruce for housetraining success!

If you’d like to give Bruce a loving home, please click the “Adopt Me” button to complete an application!

Your Next Steps

The summer has come to an end all too quickly and we are now heading for some pretty cold and horrible weather in the winter months at the shelter in Romania. Whilst we had hoped we would have all of the cats rescued from Ukraine in safe, loving homes by now the DEFRA ban on cats coming into the UK and the endless blood tests and veterinary checks that had to be done has delayed rehoming.

Most of the dogs are now ready to be rehomed, they are vetted, have passed their FAVN blood tests and have done the 3 month waiting time but the DEFRA ban remains in place with a new update due on 28 October 2022. We know we will not be able to get all of the dogs out before winter hits hard even if the ban is lifted so the last 2 months have been spent doing massive upgrades to the shelter so we can keep our lovely dogs safe and warm throughout the winter.

The upgrades have been expensive but the animals are worth it but now we need to really work hard to try and bring in the much needed donations to keep the animals fed and safe whilst they await rehoming. Every donation, no matter the amount, truly does make a difference and helps us to ensure that the 90+ dogs in our care DO NOT become forgotten animals of war. We know that times are tough but please donate if you can and please share our fundraiser.


  • Characteristics Friendly, Funny, Active
  • Size Small
  • Coat Length Medium
  • House-Trained Yes
  • Health Vaccinations up to date
  • Good in a Home With Children

Considering Adoption?

More Pets for Adoption

Sausage needs a home with another dog if possible and with a yard. Hes very active and needs to run off her energy. He’s carte trained for bedtime only.

We took in Bunny from a neighbor who was moving away. She needs a home with no other pets and no children, preferably a single person.

Athletic and sporty but polite. Obedient yet full of rascal energy when she wants to make you laugh. Can you feel her yet? Yes, she’s truly awesome.

We think that he is under a year old, has been spayed, and is very sweet and mellow. He may be shy at first but will warm up to you with treats and pets.

I’m a very sweet girl looking for the right home! I’m still learning rules and things about being in a home! But I’m slowly learning so much!

My only request is that you give me lots of pets, let me hang out with you on the couch, and maybe tell me how handsome I am every once in awhile.

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